Bridge 18.0 update and child theme changes

Regarding the child theme customizations - in Bridge releases starting from 18.0 we had to change function names, in order to meet Themeforest requests and standards. Therefore, if you have customized theme functions via child theme, those customizations will not work until you change function names - you just have to replace function name prefixes from 'qode' to 'bridge_qode' in your child theme. For example, the function name 'qode_is_native_font' should be changed to 'bridge_qode_is_native_font' in the child theme functions.php file, in order modified function to work. 

Some variables and actions had to be renamed too. For example, variable name $qode_options_proya has been changed to $bridge_qode_options. The action 'qode_header_meta' is now called 'bridge_qode_action_header_meta'. Our advice is to compare old file with new file version from the latest Bridge, to see what has been changed. If there are only minor modifications in your child theme file, the safest method would be to use new file version from the latest Bridge and make necessary modifications in the code, instead of renaming functions or variables in the old file.