Since we switched to CDN a long time ago and demo import files are not bound to the download file, we regret to inform you that at the moment Bridge users won't be able to do demo import.

This problem is reported and technical service from CDN is working on fixing this issue.

We hope it will be resolved in less then 24hours Thank you for understanding.


Warning: getimagesize

For the warning you’re seeing:

In your WP admin > Qode Options > Logo, make sure to upload your logo in all the fields there, instead of our default logos. That should resolve this.

if the warning is still on after it, you should then edit this file wp-content\plugins\bridge-core\modules\shortcodes\shortcode-elements\_slider\slider.php , and you need to edit following part of code:

list($logo_width, $logo_height, $logo_type, $logo_attr) = getimagesize($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].$logo_url_obj['path']); to look like this:

list($logo_width, $logo_height, $logo_type, $logo_attr) = getimagesize($bridge_qode_options['logo_image']); If you continue to have problems, please submit a ticket at and we will gladly assist you.