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Activating WPBakery Page Builder


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    Hey Guys,

    just purchased and installed the wonderful Bridge theme today. All seems to have gone well however I am unable to activate both WPBakery Page Builder and Layer Slider WP. 

    I had a look in the "licensing folder" in the zip I downloaded from you guys. But in the ".txt" files there's no license code or anything?

    not sure what I'm doing wrong.


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    Qode replied


    Regarding the plugin licence, WPBakery, Layer Slider and Revolution Slider are bundled plugins. We've purchased extended license for them and we can't give you license code because of policy and terms of Themeforest, so we included these plugins in our theme (you can find their installation files in bridge/plugins folder) and their latest supported version comes with each theme release. Your plugin is legal and ready to be used as soon as you install/activate the plugin upon theme installation. You can ignore the messages for further activation you’ve got in your admin area - they will be functional without the activation. 

    Here is the explanation provided in Envato documentation: 

    Some plugins may ask for a purchase code for registration/activation once installed, however, you can simply ignore these messages as bundled plugins do not require activation or registration. The plugin will still work as intended with the theme once the theme has been activated/registered. 

    For more info, check the following article: 


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