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Modern Blog Demo Slider


  • Monika started the conversation


    I recently purchased the Bridge theme intending to use the Modern Blog Demo but I am having issues with the slider. 

    I am wondering if I would be able to get Documentation for the Modern Blog Demo? 

    Otherwise if I could get some assistance editing the slider that would be great! to add more detail to the issue that I'm having, when I edit the post information the original slider that came with the demo disappears. When I try to add a new slider it looks nothing like the Demo slider, and I've been tweaking the options but I cannot make the style look the same as the Modern Blog Demo.   
    Also I notice that the slider in the Demo features blog posts, I am wondering how I can do that myself. 

    Thank you in advance for your help

    Kind regards, 


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    Qode replied

    Hello Monika,

    It is important to know when you are using blog slider it shows featured images, so you have to use featured image for each new blog post and each image need to have same size. You can read more about blog slider in our documentation:



    All the best,

    The new and improved Online Bridge Documentation is live. Check it out now - LINK

    Also check our articles with useful tips and suggestions

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