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    Visual Composer bundled in works when other themes are activated, but once I activate the Bridge theme and I go to edit a page all I see is the text editor with white/invisible text. 

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    Also, I have tried reinstalling the Visual Composer plug-in, now called WPBakery Page Builder and it is at version 5.4. My Bridge Theme is on version 13.5

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    The latest Bridge ( 13.5 ) comes with WPBakery 5.4.5 - if your plugin version is older, activate parent theme if you are using child theme and follow these steps to update WPBakery plugin: 

    If the above does not help, our suggestion is to add the following line into .htaccess file on server:

    SubstituteMaxLineLength 10m

    ...as explained in the article https://qode.ticksy.com//article/11730

    After that try to edit pages again. 

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