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  • Diego started the conversation
    Valued Qoders, We just received one concern so far about user experience: the selection tabs (categories) on top of portfolio page seems almost invisible to visitors. Hence, not inviting as it should supposed to be. I consider to embold it's visual relevance like, for example, to add a background color or button shape, pretty similar to www.openquadra.it/studio What do you suggest me, in order not to mess up the code? Where to intervene? Thanx again in advance and keep great. Regards, Diego
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    Qode replied

    Hi Diego,

    Thank you for supporting us. :)

    Insert this css in your Back-end Qode->Custom css field:

    .filter ul li > a { background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #FFFF00;  margin-left: 5px;  padding: 0 5px; }

    Is this something that you wanted?

    Best Regards


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  • Diego replied

    Well... your reply displays how much you deserve this support!!!! :))

    Thank you very much indeed.