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Portfolio filters


  • Diego started the conversation
    Valued Qoders, We just received one concern so far about user experience: the selection tabs (categories) on top of portfolio page seems almost invisible to visitors. Hence, not inviting as it should supposed to be. I consider to embold it's visual relevance like, for example, to add a background color or button shape, pretty similar to What do you suggest me, in order not to mess up the code? Where to intervene? Thanx again in advance and keep great. Regards, Diego
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    Qode replied

    Hi Diego,

    Thank you for supporting us. :)

    Insert this css in your Back-end Qode->Custom css field:

    .filter ul li > a { background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #FFFF00;  margin-left: 5px;  padding: 0 5px; }

    Is this something that you wanted?

    Best Regards


    Customer Support

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  • Diego replied

    Well... your reply displays how much you deserve this support!!!! :))

    Thank you very much indeed.