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problems with responsiveness in iOS safari


  • tamaraundjenna started the conversation

    Both the gallery of images in greyscale and the portfolio in the main page do not work correctly in iOS safari. In android, mac safari etc, it works perfectly.

    It does not have the effect of coloring the greyscale when swiping (remains gray) in the photo galleries of the onepage. Similar happens with the portfolio gallery in the one page , the title does not appear in the photos. I attach images. I must comment that it worked perfectly and possibly I stop doing it after the update. I hope to solve the problem because I really like the subject. 

    Could you help me with this ???

    thank you

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    Qode replied

    Hello There,

    Sorry for late response.

    We just answered on this ticket https://qode.ticksy.com/ticket/1465951 .

    Thanks for patience.

    The new and improved Online Bridge Documentation is live. Check it out now - LINK

    Best Regards,