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Portfolio items, only 9 shown,, bridge117 template


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    Hello There,

    Thanks for writing in.

    Please make sure that all portfolio items have featured image (snigle portfolio page level - back-end), and also make sure that the number of Protfolio items is not limited by number or category in Portfolio List Settings (see attached image).

    We couldn't access your page because of password, so please provide us with password (make sure that reply is set to PRIVATE), and we'll inspect this further.

    If there’s anything else we can help you with, please let us know.

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    Best Regards,

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    Hello there, did find it by myself, but thank you. 

    I have just on other thing: 

    its the flex navigation bottons in the portfolio slider. 

    because i used white background in some images, one does not see that the buttons to navigate reght and left are existing. can you just hand me the custom css for the navigation buttons are in a bright grey? 

    that would be great. thank you

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    Qode replied

    Hello There,

    Sorry for late response, we were working with limited resources in last few days.

    2. Thanks for the ticket update.

    3. Please apply this css in Qode Options > General > Custom CSS field:

    .flex-direction-nav a {
        border-color: #eee;
    .flex-direction-nav a:hover {
        border-color: #aaa;
    .flex-direction-nav a i {
        color: #aaa;

    See attached image.

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks for patience.

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    The new and improved Online Bridge Documentation is live. Check it out now - LINK

    Best Regards,

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    Thanks a lot, i really apprechiate your work. 

    The buttons work fine now ;-) 

    Could i just ask another 2 questions more, then this project will be ready, and i will write a huge postivie feedback to your company. 

    1. I got these lines showing up, it's not a problem inside the images, i think i once did a mistake and ordered lines in some checkerbox i don't find anymore. Please see the screenshot

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    2. I messed up with the sorting of the portfolio items, so the way to change to next item is in the opposite way. I hope you got that one, please see the screenshot. we are looking at the first item, the arrow should be to the right. Could you imagine a quick solution the that one? 

    Thanks in advance. Felix Stahl

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    Qode replied


    1. I can't see that line unfortunately https://www.screencast.com/t/vYzVGn1jHZ , so maybe you got it in some specific browser. Tell me which browser you are using so I can inspect in same enviroment, since Chrome and Firefox doesn't have it.

    2. Portfolio is custom post type, it is custom, but is is working in similar way like default post types (like posts), and navigation function is function from WordPress Core, and it is working properly and as intended, and all options for navigating trough items are available and you can choose desired navigation from Qode options > Portfolio, because we integrated trough same category parameter for navigating trough same category. Default navigation option will jump trough categories when item from one category run out of posts. Why did we mention posts? Because most basic posts layout which is present in each theme is from oldest to newest and posts, and when you on first post guess what, you will first see back arrow. This is normal and front page layout won't reflect to navigation function. If you want to have custom order, beside setting menu order in the list and also setting menu order for each portfolio item, you can also try some post type order plugin like maybe this one https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-types-order/

    Best Regards!

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