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Youtube Parameters


  • daniarts started the conversation

    Dear support,

    I insert Youtube Video into the blog post section via the ID. Nevertheless I like to alter the parameters in order to hide text info and related videos. I found articles which describe that I should add Costume JS Code, which I tried (e.g. this one to hide the info:

    $j(".wpb_video_wrapper iframe").each(function() {
      var tubesrc = $j(this).attr("src");
      $j(this).attr("src", tubesrc + "&showinfo=0");
      $j(this).src += "&showinfo=0";

    But nothing happens. I cleared cache, tried Firefox and IE but nothing. No plugins installed so far (besides under construction). What I'm doing wrong? What files hold the function to generate the link?



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      video adding.JPG

  • daniarts replied

    Here also the website after the change. Nothing changed in the iframe URL.

    Attached files:  result.JPG

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    Qode replied

    Hi there,

    We can't access your website since it is in maintenance mode, so we can't see if there is some error in that code, but you can try some plugin in order to remove related videos like maybe this one https://sr.wordpress.org/plugins/hide-youtube-related-videos/

    Best Regards!

  • daniarts replied

    I solved it. My class is not wpb_video_wrapper but fluid-width-video-wrapper. Are there different classes which change with the responsive design?

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    Qode replied

    Hello Daniel,

    1. Thanks for feedback. We are glad that you have solved it by yourself.

    2. We don't think so that classes are different, but we can inspect this if you provide us with direct link to the page where video is added. Also, provide us with WP admin link, username and password (make sure that reply is set to PRIVATE).

    The new and improved Online Bridge Documentation is live. Check it out now - LINK

    Best Regards,