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background images not updating/displaying


  • Rob Blohm started the conversation

    I've got a header background image on one page, and a footer background image on all pages, that no matter what will not update when I change them in the editor/options. Most of the time it continues to display the old image, even though I can clearly see a new image has been changed in the editor. For the header image, I removed it, saved it, and saw that it was removed when the page rendered. Then I added the new one in, and it won't show up. I've done this a dozen times, and it won't update.

    I tried downgrading my install of WP to see if that was the conflict. Nothing. I tried upgrading the theme. Nothing. I tried disabling all plugins. Nothing.

    You can see on this page http://www.hemingwaystpa.com/menu/ that there is no header image displaying, which should be in that big white space. Attachment #1 is from the editor for that page, and you can see that there is a background image set.

    Attachment #2 is what the footer is showing up as. Attachment #3 is what it should be. Even more strange, when I look at the CSS for the page I can see the footer image is set to the correct one....but I continue to see the old one on screen.

    Attached files:  editor-capture.PNG

  • Rob Blohm replied

    Disregard. I finally figured out what was wrong, and it was entirely on my end. I was changing the wrong options all along.

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