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Advanced Image Gallery not loading


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    I am having the same issue described here: https://qode.ticksy.com/ticket/1410929/

    When I go to the Portfolio page, the masonry gallery does not load unless I refresh the page. I tried this gallery on another page and it doesn't load there either. I tried deactivating my plugins one by one, but nothing worked. What should I do?

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    Qode replied


    This is probably because of some 3rd party plugin conflict with our AJAX page transitions. Page transitions create nice effects when navigating through website. When transitions are turned on, header and footer are not reloaded, only content get reloaded. This can cause issues mostly with some plugins because they demand their scripts to be loaded in header or footer and they are not. If you happen to experience this later on while you are developing your site, note that first thing to do is to turn off page transitions.

    Page transitions can be turned off from:

    1. general options Theme Options > General

    2. local options (when you edit your pages), note that these settings will overwrite global settings from Theme Options for specific page

    3. Also you can turn off page transitions for specific pages by writing page URLs from Theme options > General > List of internal URLs loaded without AJAX (separated with comma)

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