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  • Alex started the conversation


    When Im using menu to go from one page to another it didnt load content on page, and if manually refresh page it shows content.

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    Qode replied

    Hi Alex, 

    We believe there is a plugin conflict - you probably have some third-party plugin which is in conflict with the theme's JS that handles the Page Transition animation.

    Please deactivate all your third party plugins, except bundled plugins ( WPBakery, Layer Slider..) and see if it helps. If the issue disappears, activate your plugins one by one and try to find the plugin that causes the issue.

    In case you need to use this plugin, you can disable Page Transition animation for particular page (the one that won't load) in the page admin -> Qode General -> Page Transition -> No animation.

    Or you can disable Page Transition globally (for all pages) in your WP admin under Qode Options -> General -> Page transition -> No animation.

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