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    Hi there,

    I would like to know what the best approach would be to show vr Images in a portfolio item. We make a lot of virtual reality stuff now and I would like to add them as qode portolio image or video. Is there a way to to use 3rd party plugins like WP-VR-view ? Right now i add it below the text and it will show on the right below the text and not aligned with all the other images. Hope ou know what i mean :)

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    Hi there, 

    Single portfolio pages can use predefined layout or custom layout

    The Portfolio Type option allows you to set desired layout. The global Portfolio Type option is under Qode Options -> Portfolio, and local option (for each portfolio page) is located in single portfolio admin. 

    With predefined layouts, you can add images and videos via Qode Portfolio Images/Videos section, in single portfolio admin: 


    The elements that you add to a page via text editor or via WPBakery Page Builder will be shown in predefined column. 

    If you want to create custom portfolio layout, we recommend setting Portfolio Type to Portfolio custom - in grid or Portfolio custom - full width. This allows you to build the entire portfolio content via WPBakery Page Builder, just like with regular pages and there will be no predefined layout elements. For images and videos you need to use appropriate WPBakery elements. 

    To be able to use WPBakery in single posts and portfolios go to WP admin -> WPBakery Page Builder -> Role Manager -> Post types: Custom -> enable page builder for all post types, including 'post' and 'portfolio_page': 


    Hope this helps. 

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