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    When I scroll down (beyond the main sliders), i get 2 c two sliders, which is new for me (the second slider wasn't there when i finalized the site).. So i need your help plz! This happened after one of the updates (i quess). 

    My latest version installed was (bridge 13.8) and the site was running smooth!  This morning I looked and saw this small error. I've updated the theme 2 (14.2) and reinstalled the plugins, but still no luck..

    I attached a printscreen. Btw.. I also checked on Firefox, Edge & Chrome.. 

    Attached files:  Nav error.png

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    Help please.. Anybody ideas? Or.. 

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    Qode replied

    Hello there,

    It seems this is a part of this script:

    If you cannot find where this is generated.

    Please provide wp-admin and we will take a closer look.

    If you comment on your ticket before we reply, your ticket will be pushed down the list. We reply to tickets in the order they arrive into our ticketing system.

    The new and improved Online Bridge Documentation is live. Check it out now - LINK

    After you have updated WordPress to version 4.5 or higher, please make sure to also update your theme and the Visual Composer plugin to the latest versions. To update Visual Composer, after you update the theme to the latest version just uninstall Visual Composer and then a notification will appear at the top of your screen that a required plugin needs to be installed. Install Visual Composer via this notification and you will get the latest version. Please also make sure to clear your browser cache after you have updated Visual Composer

    Best regards

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