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  • papalatistudios started the conversation

    I am trying to use the following shortcode: 

    [portfolio_list type='rectangle' columns='3' order_by='menu_order' order='ASC' number='-1' category='' selected_projects='' filter='yes' lightbox='yes' show_load_more='']

    For selected projects I have tried portfolio item titles and portfolio item slugs and nothing shows up on the page still. 

    I understand that the category option is for categories, which is fine...

    What should I be using for selected projects? 

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    Qode replied


    We'd appreciate if you could provide us with your wp-admin details (in private reply), as well as your website URL, so we can log in and inspect this further.

    Thank you.

    Customer Support

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  • papalatistudios replied

    I do not understand how if I'm using YOUR base code, you can't tell me how to use YOUR base code for this template. It does not require logging into my admin panel. 

    Just give me an example using your demo site data and that will be good enough. 

    If not, then so be it. 

    (I will be providing a full review of the template and your support on themeforest and envato once I get the site up and running. )

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    Qode replied


    Sorry, You can find project id for each single portfolio item, in url. Edit your project, find this number and add it under selected projects. To add multiple projects, separate numbers by comma:



    All the best,

    Customer Support

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