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Facebook/SEO (Meta Description, Etc.)


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    Christopher started the conversation


    I have tried your advice from previous tickets about using meta/SEO plugins such as Open Graph for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter Card Tags. 

    After customizing the plugin for proper sharing to Facebook, and after scraping the links via Facebook Debugger, I often have problems in which only the image and page name shows up.  It does not show the meta description from the custom Qode SEO section. (I also tried it without the plugin activated, and also with the plugin activated while 'unchecking' the plugin's custom meta tag options). 

    Nothing seems to work. I have refreshed my cache settings but still no progress.  

    How do I fix this so that the custom image, page image, or post image shows properly along with the page/post description on Facebook?

    I would also like to fix this without shutting off the Qode SEO.


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    Qode replied

    Hi Christopher, 

    Please note that we do not have Open Graph protocol implemented in our theme, so it is not possible to control what will be shared from the theme's options. For that you need to use some third party Open Graph plugin. You can try one of the following: 




    Also, you cannot expect meta description to show up, because it has another purpose - it will (usually) appear in Google search results. Facebook API will take images, text.. from the page content, not meta description. 

    Best regards, 


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