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Problems after install


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    I have encountered a series of problems with a fresh install of wordpress and Elision theme. I did not touch any code or saved on any major changes and made sure everything is up to date.

    • "Insert into post" is not working. 
    • Top image is not zooming out on scroll as demonstrated in Live Demo
    • If "Import attachments" on Qode Import is checked, the installation will not begin.
    • Portfolio images are not showing.
    • Parallax images are not showing.
    • Font awesome icons appear in text form (e.g. fa-tree)
    • Icons do not appear in menu items as seen on Live Demo.
    • Pages included in the demo do not appear on Dashboard > Pages.
    • Dropdown menus do not appears as seen on Live Demo
    • The About Us Dark page on the installed template has gaps in between sections.
    • :More Links" at Footer section is not present on installed template.
    • Google Maps on page "Contact Us" is not functioning properly.

     Tried on Edge and Google Chrome. 

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    Qode replied

    Hello there Myron,

    Please follow these instructions on how to import your demo content properly: Why is my demo not being imported?

    If you have done everything like in the article provided above and you are still having issues, please REPLY IN PRIVATE and provide a link to your website and a WP admin access to it so I can investigate this further. Thanks.

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    The new and improved Online Bridge Documentation is live. Check it out now - LINK

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