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Problems after install


  • Myron1 started the conversation


    I have encountered a series of problems with a fresh install of wordpress and Elision theme. I did not touch any code or saved on any major changes and made sure everything is up to date.

    • "Insert into post" is not working. 
    • Top image is not zooming out on scroll as demonstrated in Live Demo
    • If "Import attachments" on Qode Import is checked, the installation will not begin.
    • Portfolio images are not showing.
    • Parallax images are not showing.
    • Font awesome icons appear in text form (e.g. fa-tree)
    • Icons do not appear in menu items as seen on Live Demo.
    • Pages included in the demo do not appear on Dashboard > Pages.
    • Dropdown menus do not appears as seen on Live Demo
    • The About Us Dark page on the installed template has gaps in between sections.
    • :More Links" at Footer section is not present on installed template.
    • Google Maps on page "Contact Us" is not functioning properly.

     Tried on Edge and Google Chrome. 

    Thanks in advance,


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    Qode replied

    Hello there Myron,

    Please follow these instructions on how to import your demo content properly: Why is my demo not being imported?

    If you have done everything like in the article provided above and you are still having issues, please REPLY IN PRIVATE and provide a link to your website and a WP admin access to it so I can investigate this further. Thanks.

    Best Regards,


    Customer Support

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  •   Myron1 replied privately
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    Qode replied

    Hello Myron,

    Have you managed to resolve the issues in the meantime? We can't reproduce them on our end. 

    Best regards,

    Customer Support

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  • Myron1 replied

    Yes the hosting provider resolved the issue i believe. I am still concerned with some features that I was hoping the would have been settled after a clean install. The import to post button is not responding and the website still has some problems with scrolling. Thanks again

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    Qode replied

    Hello again Myron,

    Everything should be just like on our demo after you imported it. What matters is that you have at least PHP version 5.6 on your server and that your server resources are increased enough.

    I can try to assist you with your current issues, but I am going to need some more information and a couple of screenshots regarding those.

    Regarding your scrolling issue, try to navigate to Qode Options and turn on 'Smooth scroll': https://www.screencast.com/t/ntMdG3Oo9G

    All the Best,


    Customer Support

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