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  • AlonsoGuadarrama started the conversation

    Instale Bridge en un Wordpress por primera vez y se hizo sin problemas, pero al hacerlo en otro distinto, me marca error de "El enlace que siguió ha expirado" y por más veces que doy clic en "Intentar de Nuevo" no me deja pasar de ahí. Gracias1.

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    Qode replied

    Hello there,

    Sorry for late response, we were working with limited resources over the weekend.

    That error is usually referring to insufficient server resources. Make sure that you have at least PHP version 5.6 on your server and these server resources increased:

    max_execution_time = 300

    memory_limit = 128M

    upload_max_filesize = 128M

    post_max_size = 1024M

    max_input_vars = 5000

    Please, for the future references, write your tickets in English as Google Translate isn't always reliable. Thanks.

    Best Regards,



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