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Displaying the blog date


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    I'm trying to resolve a problem that you've already answered online back in 2014. The problem is to display the date in the small text below a blog post title.

    I've copied your answer below.

    Is there an improved approach? Or does the answer below still work? I can't see all the file name that are mentioned.



    Qode wrote:


    You can do this by replacing this code:

    <span class="time"><?php _e('Posted at','qode'); ?> <?php the_time('H:i'); ?><?php _e('h','qode'); ?></span>

    with this code:

    <span class="time"><?php _e('Posted on','qode'); ?> <?php the_time('d M');?></span>

    In all these files: blog_single-loop.php, blog_large_image-loop.php, blog_large_image_whole_post-loop.php, blog_small_image-loop.php, blog_search-loop.php.

    Be careful, because there are multiple lines, and you need to change each one. Also, when updating theme you will have to do this all over again.

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    Qode replied

    Hello there,

    You still have to make changes to theme files in order to make this work. You can find those files in wp-content/themes/bridge> templates directory There you can find blog templates, where you can make those changes:


    We suggest you to make this modification via child theme - that way, the modification will work after the theme update and you will not change parent theme file. First you need to install child theme just like any other theme (bridge-child.zip file can be found in the folder with the installation files that you downloaded from Themeforest) and activate it. 

    the file path should be for each file should be within: 

     wp-content/themes/bridge-child/templates/ directory

    Best regards,


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