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Logo Resizing


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    academy-charlie started the conversation

    Hello, I am trying to resize our logo (Logo Image - normal in the Logo options in Qode Options) but every time I upload a smaller logo, it turns out to be blurry. Is there a way I can just resize the clear and crisp bigger logo?

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    Qode replied


    Sorry for a late reply. 

    With this header type and layout, the logo size is affected by Header Height setting. To make the logo bigger, you have to increase Header Height under Qode Options -> Header: 


    The height of the logo holder is equal to:

    Header Height - 10px. 

    For example, if you set Header Height to 90, the logo holder will be 80px high. 

    For retina optimized logo, the logo image (that you upload) has to be twice the size of a display size, in this example it should be 160px high and it will be reduced twice to fit inside the logo holder of 80px.

    The best method is to scale up the logo graphic in your image editor to be twice the size of desired display size, than add transparent space above and below the logo graphic so the entire image is 160px high (if Header Height is 90px). 

    Hope this helps. 

    Best regards, 


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