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category /portfolo details translation


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    2 questions :

    1. i have not found any way to make the category appear below the title of each portfolio. And of course, i click 'yes' in the options of each portfolio to make it appear (i checked the font color options too). Any idea ?
    2. I could use a translation plug-in for that, but unfortunately i try to get most of the infos and buttons in a "double language": french AND english. So i have to transform by hand in the code itself some few texts for it.
    3. Look at my screenshot and you will see that i have already started. However i can't find the file(s) to do the same things with the infos/details colums on a single portfolio page : "about this project / category / share / print page". Can you please help me ? Thanks.

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    Qode replied


    1) Unfortunately, Slide Up hover animation type in Portfolio List Settings does not support categories - only the title will appear: 


    We've tested this on our local website and reproduced the same behavior. If you need to have categories displayed, please use different Hover Animation Type. 

    2) We usually suggest using Loco Translate plugin to change/translate text labels: 


    The instructions can be found here: 


    If you want to change them manually in the template file, here is the file path: 


    File modification should be done via child theme, in order to preserve changes upon the theme update. 

    Best regards, 


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  • lokiss replied

    Thanks. (ticket closed)