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    Myles McCann started the conversation

    Hi, just recently visual composer is not displaying properly on the backend of the site. I bought 2 bridge themes and they have reacted the same way which makes me believe there has been an update somewhere down the line. In editor, I can see all the text/HTML text that makes up the page but when I switch to Backend Editor of VP, it doesn;t display all the elements I used to build the page etc. I deactivated the plugin and reinstalled VP and still no joy. I bought VP recently so this plugin is up-to-date. Please help.

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    Qode replied

    Hi Myles,

    Can you provide us admin credentials so we can take a look? Thanks!

    In the meantime, you can try adding the following line to WordPress .htaccess file:

    SubstituteMaxLineLength 10m

    You can add this line at the end of the file, after the # END WordPress line:

    If you still have issue with this after you set this up, let us know! 

    Best regards,


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