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  • merwane started the conversation

    I want to know how can i use recaptcha in my contact page.

    The code options, in contact section is coded for the V 1,0 and it is no longer supported.

    What kind of modification can i do ? Please help because my site is attacked.

    More than 100 spams a day.

    Thank you very much

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    Qode replied


    We will update reCaptcha version in contact section  in our next theme update. 

    Until update you could turn off reacptcha make new Contact page and use Contact Form 7 to make Contact page form and use  reCaptcha  from Contact Form 7 plugin. 

    https://contactform7.com/recaptcha/  Here is link how to configure Contact Form 7 recaptha.

    Best regards, 


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