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Help with page elements


  • giallofanatic started the conversation

    Hi just purchased the theme today and have installed the Biker demo.

    I am a little stuck on how to edit certain elements on the page.

    I see a few elements like this


    but not sure how to edit them as the button isn't clickable.

    also this one portfolio list


    again I see no way to edit this section

    I'm sure there's a simple explanation but can't figure it out.

    Hope you can help

    Regards Chris 

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    Qode replied


    When you hover the element in the page admin, the 'edit' icon should appear like this: 



    If you do not see it, the issue could be caused by some third party plugin. Please deactivate all your third party plugins except bundled plugins ( WPBakery, Layer Slider..) and try editing elements. If the issue disappears, activate your plugins one by one and try to find the plugin that causes the issue. 

    If the problem persists, send us login URL and temporary WP admin access in a PRIVATE REPLY to take a closer look. 

    Best regards, 


    Customer Support

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  • giallofanatic replied

    Hi thanks for the reply, I found out the issue. 

    Wp bakery role manager/elements tick all! Now I can edit



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    Qode replied

    Hi Chris, 

    Great, thank you for your feedback. 

    Have a nice weekend, 


    Customer Support

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