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  • hannasorqvist started the conversation

    I´ve set an image as background on my home page. I had put content over such as texts and a button. When using my pc the text are floating over the image and the background image is fixed (This is how i want it to be). On my mobile device the text are stuck at the background. I want to be able to scroll on my website to show the texts and buttons without the background to move at all. I don't want my background to be bigger than the screen if you understand what i mean. (The image in background should not be "scrolleble"). 

    I use WP Bakery to build my website. 

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    Qode replied


    Welcome to your support management and thank you for choosing our theme!

    Please note that the image used as a background can\'t be responsive, because responsiveness goes only for the element holder that will keep aspect ratio when the browser screen is resized. Background image is, well, background. It is set to cover the whole parent container, and by definition it means:

    Scale the background image to be as large as possible so that the background area is completely covered by the background image. Some parts of the background image may not be in view within the background positioning area.

    So, you want to have parent element to act as a responsive one. In that case, height should be calculated automatically based on width, to preserve aspect ratio. But your parent element contains inner elements which are affecting this aspect ratio. So this would be impossible to implement.

    Hope this explication was helpful a bit.

    Best Regards,


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