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  • tonya9197 started the conversation

    I am using the "Agency Minimal" template - http://bridge37.qodeinteractive.com/.  I've read through the documentation and searched articles. I want to change the main slider image on the page (the blimp image). I looked in the Qode general section but I don't see any shortcode to indicate that there is a slider.  I went to the slider itself and was able to seemingly remove the blimp image and add one of my own, but the homepage did not change even after clearing cache.

    My suspicion is that the blimp image is there but its source is not a slider? I haven't been able to figure that one out. Many thanks!

    Attached files:  slider.png

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    Qode replied


    This is not a slider. This is a parallax row with background image. You can change the image in row settings. Please check a screenshot:


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