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    Sorry if my english is quite bad. 
    I am in trouble with my menu on my new site. 
    I did the it in the normal way and all my pages are okay but ... it's don't work. 

    When I "click" on my menu nothing happen and I don't know why. Everything was good since last week and now menu open white pages. 

    Thanks for helping ! 

  • illusoirementvotre replied

    update : All my links are broken

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    Qode replied


    Thanks for writing in!

    For page loading problems, I suggest turning off AJAX page transitions in Qode Options > General > Settings > Page Transition (put No animation). AJAX page transitions create nice effects when navigating through a website. When transitions are turned on, the header and footer are not reloaded, only content gets reloaded. This can cause issues mostly with some plugins because they require their scripts to be loaded in the header or footer and they are not. 

    Let me know if you need any further help!

    Best regards, 


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