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Font Awesome 5


  • scccccc started the conversation

    It is getting pretty ridiculous that according to the last update to Font Awesome was August 20, 2015. That is almost 4 years ago!

    How long could it possibly take to update "includes/font_awesome/font-awesome.php" and then update the files in "framework/admin/css/font-awesome/" and "css/font-awesome/"? The last two are simply from the zip downloadable

    I've attached an updated font-awesome.php that brings everything up to Font Awesome 5.9.0.

    Attached files:  font-awesome.php

  • scccccc replied

    /framework/lib/qode.icons/qode.fontawesome.php also needed to be updated.

    And I see now that switching to Font Awesome 5 breaks existing Font Awesome 4 icons, so perhaps that is why Qode hasn't updated Bridge or qode.icons... but, you can follow what I've posted here if you want to move to Font Awesome 5 manually and can go update all your site icons after.

    Attached files:  qode.fontawesome.php

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    Qode replied


    Welcome to your support management and thank you for choosing our theme!

    Thanks for sharing this, we will notify our development team about this. It could be updated in some future updates but we cant tell in which update and when. 

    Let us know if there's anything else!

    Best Regards!


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