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add description in category page


  • tatoosa started the conversation


    i need to add a category description under the title in category page



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    Qode replied

    Hello there,

    Welcome to your support management and thank you for choosing our theme!

    Customizations that involve modifications of the theme's (or that of our plugins) template files are considered custom coding and we provide them only if we have tested and reliable solution. In this case, it turned out that there is a reliable custom solution already. The file that has to be modified is called news-archive.php and it's located at:


    Open that file in a text/code editor of your choice, and add this snippet of code:

    <div class="category_desc">
        <?php echo category_description(); ?>

    Under this snippet of code (should be on line 29):

    <div class="container_inner default_template_holder clearfix">

    We will send the already modified file in the attachment, so you can just replace the original one.

    Have in mind that you will need to make this edit every time the Bridge News plugin is updated. That is why we have explained the steps required.

    Let us know if this was helpful.

    Kind regards,
    Ralph Wizard

    Attached files:  news-archive.php

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