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  • joshmcconnell77 started the conversation

    Hi, I'm upgrading an older website using bridge theme 13.5 to the most recent version 18+. The active theme is a Bridge child theme which was programmed for a much older version of bridge.

    One of the errors I'm receiving is: function qode_is_main_menu_set is undefined in header.php

    Can you tell me what function in version 18 replaces qode_is_main_menu_set functionality and is there any documentation that would help me resolve this and similar issues?


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    Qode replied


    Welcome to your support management and thank you for choosing our theme!

    Thanks for the detailed explanation of the issue.

    When it comes to child theme adjustments and how version 18+ affects them, you can read about it here:

    Bridge 18.0 update and child theme changes

    Basically, the prefixes of the functions had to be changed, but the functions themselves aren't. So in your case, instead of qode_is_main_menu_set you would need to name the function to bridge_qode_is_main_menu_set.

    Try changing your functions' titles as suggested in the article, and if you still have issues afterwards, please let us know.

    Best regards,


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