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  Public Ticket #2179730
header issue


  • Fiona Spence started the conversation

    I cannot work out how to change the photo in the banner. I can change the home page banner but this one I cannot find anywhere. My designer has left the country so cannot help me. I worked out how to change the wording on the banner but not the photograph (currently of two people) plus I will need to reduce the filter - I hope that will be obvious!

     Please advise!

  •  1,719
    Qode replied

    Hello Fiona, 

    1) This is a background image added to Row, via Row Settings -> Design Options


    Please navigate to your page admin, click to edit the Row, open Design Options tab and remove or replace the background image: 


    2) Regarding the filter, please send us a screenshot and describe in more detail what you want to achieve. 

    Best regards, 


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