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  Public Ticket #220641
Huge Issue with all menus vanishing


  • dan started the conversation

    Absolutely every menu structure has vanished from my site.

    Here is the link when I clicked ..Appearance... then Menus:

    Under each of these menu items: Home 1 through Home 6, Layer Slider, Semitransparent Header, and White Header...

    I clicked the selection box to "Don't Show". I had only made a single save once I had the check boxes on all items above selected (so i didn't make multiple saves for each of the Menus I was attempting to hide).

    Then after seeing the entire row of Menus gone (Blog, Shop, etc.) I undid all the "Don't Show" check boxes and made an additional save.

    Now whatever glitch happened propagated across more than just the few menus I was trying to hide. I was only trying to reduce menu clutter without deleting the menu items.


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    Qode replied


    we already answered on your other ticket for same problem. :-)

    Best Regards,

    Customer Support

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  • dan replied

    I'll close this ticket but am looking forward to reaching a resolution on the private ticket.  Thanks