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Portfolio Filter


  • Rogelio started the conversation

    I need to make the portfolio filter where it says "View by Type" i cant finf the file where to change the width of it. Can anyone point me where is it?

    Also, I want to chante the "," separator on the portfolio category 4 column display is there anyway to do that? (when you hover over an item and it has more than one category i want to see "/" not ",")


  • Rogelio replied

    Ok portfolio filter found on :


    Here i can change how it is shown, but the other part i cant find it.

  •  409
    Qode replied


    "View by Type" and "," are printing in shortcodes.php in includes folder. (after line 524)

    You can find shortcode for portfolio list and change it or you can copy code for portfolio list in functions.php in child theme and change those text. (It is better to copy shortcode to child theme to prevent from overwriting on next update)

    Best Regards,


    Customer Support

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